Fleet Management

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Vision IT’s fleet management solutions offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to provide a panoramic view of your fleet operations, delivering precision, efficiency, and control.

Our user-friendly mobile application and command & control center integration furnish real-time location data and vehicle diagnostics, ensuring that fleet managers have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

By simplifying complex fleet management tasks, Vision IT enables your organization to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety across your entire vehicle network.

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Vision IT’s fleet management system is the cornerstone of modern vehicle oversight, providing an array of features that streamline the day-to-day operations of managing a diverse fleet.

At the heart of our solution is a robust mobile application that acts as a gateway to a wealth of real-time information.

With just a few taps, fleet managers can view the location of each vehicle displayed on a detailed GIS map, complete with custom icons that allow for quick vehicle type recognition.

Creating and assigning routes is a breeze with Vision IT. Our system allows for the easy setup of direct and efficient paths, incorporating geo-located checkpoints to ensure that vehicles adhere to their designated courses.

These routes, along with clear navigation instructions, are sent directly to drivers through the mobile application, which can be updated daily to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business.

Cost-effectiveness is a key advantage of our fleet management system. By utilizing existing mobile phone infrastructure, we help you save on additional hardware investments.

Our platform is designed for compatibility, ensuring that it works seamlessly with your current hardware setup.

This integration extends to your organization’s security and reception personnel, enabling them to manage and monitor vehicular movement and visitors from a centralized location.

For an even more granular level of fleet oversight, Vision IT’s system can integrate with third-party GPS tracking services.

This feature provides live updates on vehicle locations and monitors for any abnormal behavior, such as unexpected stops, engine shutdowns, or erratic driving patterns.

The GPS integration feeds data directly into the Vision IT platform, offering insights into vehicle speed, altitude, engine status, and more.

Displayed on the intuitive GIS map, this information is crucial for 24/7 tracking and optimizing the efficiency of your fleet.

In summary, Vision IT’s fleet management solutions are designed to empower your organization with the tools needed to manage a fleet effectively.

From route planning to real-time tracking and integration with existing systems, we provide a comprehensive package that addresses all aspects of fleet management, ultimately saving time and reducing operational costs.